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Pathogen transmission factors infected objects of the external environment (soil, pasture, feed, water, etc.). Course and symptoms. B. more often proceeds at lightning speed. Animals that are perfectly healthy in the evening are found dead in the morning, or a healthy-looking sheep with convulsions (Fig. 1) falls to the ground and dies within a few minutes. Sometimes the disease lasts for several hours, with marked excitation, unsteadiness of gait, involuntary movements. Animals grind their teeth, grab food and hold it in their mouths. At the end of the period of excitation, the animal falls and lies with its head thrown back, elongated limbs, and dies after a few hours (Fig. 2). Similarly, B. manifests itself in goats.

The most reliable method of B. prophylaxis is active immunization with polyvalent toxoid, which also prevents infectious enterotoxemia and anaerobic dysentery in lambs (K. R. Urguev, L. V. Kirillov, and F. I. Kagan). In disadvantaged farms, sheep are vaccinated before pasture, or transfer to areas infected with pathogens. The drug is administered twice, with an interval of 25 days. When signs of Kamagra pills, sick animals are isolated in a timely manner. Sheep of a dysfunctional flock are transferred to stall keeping and vaccinated. The corpses of animals that have fallen from B. are destroyed along with the skins. Carry out a thorough disinfection of premises, adjacent territories and other objects contaminated with secretions of sick animals.

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Diagnosis is based onanalysis of the clinical picture and postmortem autopsy data, taking into account the epizootic situation and the results of bacteriological examination of material from fresh corpses. It is necessary to exclude infectious enterotoxemia, anthrax and feed toxicosis.

The disease of sheep with bradzot can occur during grazing and stall keeping, at any time of the year. The disease is infectious, affects goats, sheep, proceeds rapidly and ends with the death of the animal. It is distributed throughout the world and causes significant damage to large farms and personal farmsteads. Requires emergency measures and the introduction of quarantine. The history of the discovery of the infection.

The causative agent of bradzot in sheep and signs of the disease, treatment and prevention.

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The causative agents of bradzot are anaerobic bacteria Clostridum septicum, Clostridum oedematiens. These are Gram-positive, motile rods. They are resistant to boiling, exposure to chemical reagents (40-60 minutes), and remain in the soil, silt in water bodies for years. Bradzot is characterized by hemorrhagic lesions of the abomasum and duodenum of sheep.

Fatty individuals with low mobility, regardless of gender, fall ill more often, sheep and rams under the age of 2 years or young animals 3-8 months old. The infection enters the body of a sheep: The provoking factors are: hypothermia or overheating of the livestock, a sharp change in diet, uncontrolled use of antibiotics in raising animals.

Do not graze animals on grass covered with hoarfrost, do not offer frozen dirty vegetables to sheep. Animals should be watered from clean flowing reservoirs. The disease appears at any time of the year, more often in autumn and spring. Summer outbreaks are triggered by drought. The epidemic can affect only young animals or manifest itself in adult animals. Clostridia are always present in the digestive tract of animals. Infected grass or water, antibiotics taken by sheep, hypothermia or overheating provoke a rapid growth in the number of bacteria and the release of toxins that corrode the walls of the rennet and poison the body of the sheep.

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Bradzot is developing rapidly. Coming to the sheepfold in the morning, the owner may find dead animals that were well-fed and healthy yesterday. A sheep can fall and die within 30-40 minutes. Sharp redness of the eyes. The appearance of bloody foam from the mouth, bloody discharge from the nose. Diarrhea mixed with blood. Animals are depressed, there is no appetite. Sometimes there are swelling of the breast, neck and submandibular region. The chewing gum is loose. The gait becomes jerky. Increased urination.

Animals may fall on the way to pasture. The sheep has convulsions, she dies within half an hour. Bradzot of kamagra 50mg severity is characterized by an increase in temperature (40.7-41 ° C), frequent shallow breathing, and increased heart rate. The flow of foam from the mouth begins, the stomach swells.

The corpses of sheep quickly decompose, sometimes the belly swells up to break the skin. A fluid is released with an admixture of blood from the nose, mouth, animal. The thoracic and abdominal regions are filled with a yellowish liquid. The trachea is filled with bloody mucus, and there is swelling and blood in the lungs. A characteristic sign of the disease is the presence of hemorrhages on the diaphragm, pleura and peritoneum. Animal corpses are disposed of completely; meat, wool or skins cannot be used. For diagnosis, tissues of the abomasum and liver are taken.

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Additionally, studies are being carried out for the presence of other infections with similar symptoms: anthrax, infectious enterotoxemia, piroplasmosis. Exclude aconite poisoning. How to properly treat bradzot in sheep.

Signs of the disease in animals can be poorly expressed; if bradzot is suspected, an anatomical study of the fallen livestock is mandatory. With the rapid course of bradzot, they do not have time to carry out treatment. From the moment the first signs of the disease appear to the death of the animal, 2-6 hours pass. For moderate illness, cephalosporins, drugs to normalize cardiac activity, antitoxic and sedatives are used.

Important: the treatment is carried out by specialists inveterinary service. Animals are transferred to stall keeping, the sheepfold is disinfected. All pastures and water bodies where outbreaks of the disease were recorded are taken into account. To prevent the disease, the entire livestock is vaccinated. The vaccine was developed sildenafil 100mg and makes it possible to exclude the disease of the herd with bradzot, dysentery, infectious enterotoxemia, malignant edema of sheep.

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Vaccinate animals from 3 months of age. Two-stage vaccination: the first dose is administered intramuscularly at the rate of 2 milliliters of vaccine per adult sheep, 1 milliliter for lambs up to 6 months old. Re-vaccination is carried out after 20-25 days, 3 milliliters are administered to adult livestock and 1.5 milliliters to lambs. They are grafted 1-1.5 months before the flock is taken out to pasture.

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Do not vaccinate malnourished and sick animals. During the vaccination period, sheep are not sheared or castrated. Twisted ewes are vaccinated at least 1.5 months before lambing. The vaccine is fully used after uncorking the vial. Livestock is vaccinated by veterinarians with secondary or higher veterinary education. Sterile syringes are used, the injection site is preliminarily wiped with alcohol. In the event of an epidemic, revaccination of the entire livestock is carried out. After vaccination, animals may have a fever, sheep may limp for 3-5 days on the leg into which the drug was injected.

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What restrictions are introduced during quarantine. When a farm is closed for quarantine, it is prohibited to sell, export animals from a disadvantaged area and move them within the farm. Do not use milk for food, do not slaughter animals, do not cut wool. Sheep are transferred to stall keeping. Healthy animals are re-vaccinated. The corpses of sick animals, manure, bedding are burned. Sheepfold is treated with 3% bleach solution or 5% hot sodium hydroxide solution or 5% formalin solution. Mandatory 2-fold processing with an interval of 1-1.5 hours and subsequent ventilation of the sheepfold. Quarantine is removed if bradzot has not been recorded in animals for 20 days since the last case of the disease.

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The corpses of sheep that fell from bradzot quickly decompose. Dead sheep sometimes have such a strong swelling that the skin breaks. Bloody fluid is often released from natural openings. Visible mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and conjunctiva are cyanotic. Wool is easily pulled out of the skin. Subcutaneous tissue in the head, neck, chest, and often in other places is permeated with serous-hemorrhagic infiltrates with gas bubbles. The blood in the peripheral vessels is not clotted.

During life, it is very difficult to make a diagnosis in sheep due to the absence of characteristic clinical signs and the rapid course of the disease. The diagnosis of bradzot is made in a complex manner, taking into account epizootological, clinical and pathological data. The epizootological feature of bradzot is that animals become infected more often during the cold season. The main role in the diagnosis of the disease belongs to bacteriological research. Due to the rapid post-mortem decomposition, the corpse of a dead sheep should be opened no later than 4-6 hours after the death of the animal. An edematous infiltrate of the subcutaneous tissue, mucous membrane and submucosal tissue of the abomasum and duodenum, necrotic areas of kamagra sildenafil and a long tubular bone are sent to the Veterinary Laboratory.

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The course and symptoms of the disease. Often bradzot in sheep occurs in sheep in a lightning-fast form. Animal owners usually see their sheep healthy in the evening, and in the morning, when they come to the koshara or their yard, they find them dead. When driving a flock out of the fold orOn the way to the pasture, sheep begin to suddenly fall to the ground one by one and then die within 20-30 minutes, sometimes death in sheep is observed within 2-8 hours with severe convulsions, sharp reddening of the conjunctiva and mild tympanitis.

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Chlostridium septicum is a permanent inhabitant of the digestive tract of kamagra. In case of violation of the secretory and motor activity of the intestine, violation of the permeability of the mucous membrane of the abomasum and duodenum 12, chlostridium septicum penetrates into the thickness of the mucous membrane, where it begins to multiply rapidly and release a large amount of strong toxins - causing poisoning of the body, which leads to the development of a bradzot clinic in sheep.

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Bradzot mainly affects well-fed sheep, predominantly under the age of two years. In sheep, bradzot can occur at any time of the year. The factors of infection of pastures with roughage collected from these pastures are the unharvested corpses of sheep that died from bradzot. In some cases, an outbreak of bradzot among sheep can be facilitated by their eating frozen feed and hypothermia.

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The causative agent of the disease. The main causative agent of bradzot is considered to be Chlostridium septicum and Chlostridium odematiens. Often associated with them are chlostridium gigas, chlostridium sordelia, chlostridium perfringens, chlostridium septicum - a thin mobile spore-forming rod (2-10 microns long) with rounded ends, in young cultures it is gram-positive. It forms long filaments on serous membranes (up to 500 microns), which is important diagnostic value. The resistance of spores to boiling is not constant: it usually takes 40-60 minutes to destroy them.

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In the northern countries of Europe (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Scotland), sheep bradzot has been known for a long time. In 1888, I. Nilson discovered the causative agent of bradzot. Bradzot is registered in many countries of kamagra (Australia, Greece, Turkey, Germany, England, North and South America and other countries). In the USSR, bradzot was first described in 1929 by K.P. Andreev, is found in various regions of the country with their diverse climatic conditions. The economic damage caused by the disease is quite large. Statistical data show that among anaerobic infections, bradzot and brazot-like diseases cause the greatest losses among sheep. With an outbreak of bradzot, up to 15-20% of the sheep population of a dysfunctional flock is affected, with a super-acute course of the disease, the death rate from the disease reaches 100%.

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Bradzot of sheep is an acute infectious disease characterized by hemorrhagic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the abomasum and duodenum, general intoxication, degeneration of parenchymal organs, and rapid decomposition of the corpse.

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